Music Review “Carol of the Bells” by Slavi Chordia

“Carol of the Bells” by Slavi Chordia – Single Cover

It is never too early for Christmas! This enigmatic and wonderful Holiday always brings lots of music to enjoy with your family during reunions. For this season, we want to share a special piece, a creative and particular interpretation of the traditional song “Carol of the Bells” by the artist Slavi Chordia. 

This thorough arrangement of “Carol of the Bells” takes refuge in the power of acoustic sounds and elegant jazzy elements, which seems to be an essential component of this artist’s musical style. The song efficiently links instrumental jazz with a more classical type of music and even edges with world music. 

While listening to this song, I found the mix of traditional and classy electro-acoustic elements very attractive, like the dialogue between the guitar and the keyword melody. The horns are another interesting addition to the arrangement, creating a great sound contrast with the brightest instruments included in the song, like bells, drum cymbals, and keyboards. 

Slavi’s version of “Carol of the Bells” is a charming musical arrangement with some well-interpreted sound nuances that create a captivating elegant, and mystic music vibe. A sweet throwback to moments of my childhood watching Christmas movies like “Home Alone.” 

If you like adding unique and enchanting instrumental music to your Christmas season, make sure to include Slavi Chordia’s “Carol of the Bells” in your playlist. The song is available on most streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc. You can also go to Slavi’s Bandcamp profile to support this artist. Get ready to enjoy your Holidays accompanied by good music. 

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