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power of now band interview
Power of Now

The past week we had the opportunity to connect with Steve Hodges, bandleader of Power of Now, a new American Rock band with a lot to say about positivity and patriotism in the US. The band promotes his latest single, “Freedom baby,” available on SoundCloud and other streaming platforms. 

Question 1: First of all, we would like to know who the Power of Now is? 

We are a Father and son band called Power of Now, and we have this song about loving our country and many other songs that strike a positive cord. We love being free to sing our songs to the world and we want the whole world to hear them. Our bass player was a Chef in the navy, our drummer spent many years in the coast guard, and our fathers and grandfathers went back to the revolutionary war, we really love our country. We are an all-original band that loves to do our own thing and we are having a lot of fun doing it! We are all about our songs. We love capturing the mood of a song and playing them with a heart so it can be felt. We feel every note when we play it, and so will our listeners.

Question 2: What are the musical goals of Power of Now as an artistic group? 

We, as a band, would like to be known as the new American band—a patriotic, fun, positive, and clean rock music group. We make and sing positive songs and put love into all of them. When we play live you can feel the energy because it’s real! We would like to be known as a father and son band like no other. Question 3: We know that the new song “Freedom baby” is coming soon. What do you think is the most memorable thing about this song? The energy of freedom rings in this song, I think of it as an American song with an attitude. We think we should all be proud of our country. Country music has put out a few fantastic American pieces over recent years, but not rock? This song, “Freedom Baby,” is one of the only new rock songs about America. This song is full of energy and passion, and so is the band. 

Question 4: As a self-produced and promoted band, how do you feel about the success of the Power Of Now band in the near future?

We, as a band, can see ourselves going far. We really believe in our music and feel like a lot of people will enjoy it once they hear it. So we are bent on putting in every effort to make the dream come true. We know there are so many brands out there trying to do the same thing but most don’t have the deep well of songwriting we have and many cannot do it live and sound like the recording. We don’t layer our music with fake stuff, we only need our voices and instruments We have a lot of really good songs that haven’t been recorded yet. Unlike many artists, we touch on many styles of music so our songs are all different and our shows are never boring. When we do put out our album it will be packed full of them.  

Question 5: Does the band have any future concert or release that you would like to promote besides the single “Freedom baby?”

“Freedom baby” will be officially released on June 15th and we have plans to promote and play a lot of shows after that, we will be making announcements on concert dates soon. We have not decided what song we will release next but we have a few in mind. We feel like it just gets better from here on out!


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