Music Review “Freedom Baby” by Power of Now

music review - freedom baby - power of now
Power of Now

Some say, “It is never too late to fulfill your dreams.” After being away from their passion for music, the band Power of Now members just released their first single, “Freedom Baby.” 

Led by father and son Steve and Dan (The Man) Hodges, both Guitarists and vocalists, Power of Now has set itself the purpose of never letting the Rock and Roll Die. The four-piece band is also integrated by bass player Charles and drummer John, veterans of the United State Navy and Coast Guard. 

Freedom baby” takes refuge in a clear American rock sound. This song efficiently links rock styles with folk music and even edges with country music. The song is a charming musical arrangement with some well-interpreted sound nuances and excellent instrumental and vocal performance.  

The warmth of the singer’s vocal conditions and wide interpretive projection are striking. This vocal touch, combined with the passioned distorted guitar sound, creates a potent fusion that reveals the band’s exciting rock and roll style of music. 

The single’s lyric is noticeable for its authentic content and vibrant positivity. “Freedom baby” reflects the patriotic sentiment of the band’s members and their passion for the free spirit of American culture. 

This new single from Power of Now could be a solid start to a new artistic path for the band’s members. The musical quality of his proposal is excellent. Additionally, the content of the lyrics within this song is feasible to connect with an audience that prefers a more patriotic American style of Rock. I hope their subsequent productions follow this excellent path.

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