“Big Band Máquina” Latest Production from Angel Meléndez released by Gia Fu

[Chicago, IL] – Grammy-nominated Angel Meléndez reappears on the scene with his latest album, Big Band Máquina, which will be available starting Saturday, September 18.

This production has the particularity of having the talented artist and producer, Gia Fu. Gia releases this production through the independent label Kong Records Limited.

Angel Melendez, a Latin artist, based in the United States, gives us a new and refreshing chapter in his musical career after his album, Angel Melendez & the 911 Mambo Orchestra. Big Band Máquina album consists of eleven songs and a Bonus Track.

The Big Band Máquina project was directed by Ralph Riley. Ralph, Angel, Gia, and other magnificent professionals such as Juan Picorelli and Rolando Alejandro, completed the complicated feat of organizing the 30 artists’ work collaborated on the project. The recording of the songs took place in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, at the well-known Rolo’s Studio.

The Team of collaborating artists on this album comprises a quite heterogeneous combination of generations of musicians. Some of the excellent members of the Team were: Tito Allen, Primi Cruz, Hermán Olivera, Rico Walker, Carlos García, Willie Otero, Jorge Yadiel Santos, and Gerardo Rivas.

In addition, Big Band Máquina gives us the presence of a group of musical stars such as Richie Bastar, Gilbérto “PULPO” Colón Jr, Jan Duclerc, Sammy García, Luis Marin, Pedro Pérez, and, especially, Angel Meléndez.

Who is Angel Melendez?

Angel Melendez is a Puerto Rican artist based in the city of Chicago, United States. Angel has had an impressive musical career in the world of Latin music, primarily Salsa.

Melendez had the opportunity to study at VanderCook College of Music, which provided the foundation for his experience as a producer, trombonist, arranger, and music director.

His valuable performance has led him to become an artist nominated for the “Best Tropical Music” category at the 47th Annual Grammy Awards. This nomination was due to his previous album, Angel Melendez & the 911 Mambo Orchestra. Later he was honored with the award in “Best Latin Album” 4th Annual Independent Music Awards 2005.

Angel has had the opportunity to collaborate directly with internationally renowned artists such as Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, Andy Montañez, Ismael Miranda, Adalberto Santiago, Cheo Feliciano, The Singers of the Apollo Sounds, Frankie Ruiz, Eddie Santiago, Hector Tricoche, Tito Allen, Johnny Rivera and the Fania All Starr Records.

References & Reviews:

“As one of the most recognized musicians in Chicago, he leads the most popular Latin bands locally. The 20 piece 911 Mambo Orchestra and Tributo Lavoe are widely recognized and move people to the dance floor.  Angel’s bands play an array of Latin music from the modern tropical sounds of today to the most traditional hard-hitting Mambo of the 50’s”. 

Martyr’s — http://martyrslive.com/ 

“Whenever a big band can produce great blasts of sound without sacrificing technical detail, audiences are in for a thrilling ride.”

The Chicago Tribune


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