Essential writings for music marketing

The promotion of any musical product involves countless different actions that you may not even have thought about it. If you have in mind to prepare your music marketing plan, you must investigate the essential elements you should not miss.

Specifically, in this article, we share with you a group of four actions that should not be missing in your music marketing plan: music review, music press release; artist/band interview; and artist/band Biography. Each of them requires a specialty skill: writing.

These necessary actions in music marketing are our team’s specialty, and we are proud to share them with you.


Music reviews play a fundamental role in music promotion and marketing. A music review of your single, album, or product helps build your reputation in the music industry and improve your SEO Domain Authority. 

The presence of your brand name or website in search engines across the web, via a link strategy connecting to other reputable websites. This means that more people will find you in organic Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines in an easier way. A crucial process in this new digital age. 


A Press Release expresses the essence of your product, business, or project. It is the first impression that others will have about your work. It needs professional composition to efficiently describe what you are or what your product or business means to you and the world and what it contributes to society and the world of music.


The interview is an essential aspect of marketing a product or artist in the world of music. While it is important what others say about your product, project, or career, your personal opinion is priceless. Your followers will appreciate knowing you through your own words. 


Your bio is your story. It is the most crucial puzzle piece for your publicity. It should reveal why people should care about you. What sets you apart? Why are you unique? And more specifically, what is your work’s story? That story needs to be told in the best way. That’s what we do.


Each of these actions plays an essential role in the promotion of any musical product or brand. If you do not feel ready to develop this work on your own, we can help you. Do not hesitate to ask any questions you have with us by writing to our email: [email protected].


Author: Yami Cabrera

Yami is a musician and musicologist freelancer specializing in different aspects of music, teaching, criticism, writing, and research. She has a bachelor's degree in Musicology and music is her ultimate passion. Yami´s mission is to share her knowledge with anyone interested, through classes, advice, and articles. She has also developed a high level of fluidity in English. As a bilingual writer, this enthusiastic woman can write between both the English and Spanish languages.

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