About us

Your Music Review is an artistic space that offers all kinds of services related to artist’s promo content, especially from the international music field. The principles of this project are collaborative and we thrive from constructive criticism between music professionals.


The idea is to create an online space where artists and publicists can achieve reviews, press releases, bios, etc., for the promotion of musical products. The mission will be to help professional or amateur musicians to give meaning and a future to their careers, through the support and publicity of their art. We will also include intensive promotional work through social networks, which contributes to the visibility of all the products and collaborators of the project.

We hope to bring our brand to all types of locations and cover a large number of processes related to the promotion of music and artists. Our interest is to be able to provide relevant content for the music industry.


Your Music Review is a motivating and jovial workspace for dialogue. We are musicians, musicologists, researchers, communicators with a solid aspiration to help promote musicians and music products. The language of our site will be direct and without euphemisms. We will work with a clear and precise voice in order to offer an efficient and transparent service.

Our greatest desire is the possibility of transmitting security and confidence to the artists and collaborators. That is why we focus on encouraging essential human values such as humility and simplicity.

Meet the Team Leader

Yami Cabrera is a Cuban musician and musicologist freelancer specializing in different aspects of music, teaching, criticism, writing, and research. She has a bachelor’s degree in Musicology and music is her ultimate passion. Yami´s mission is to share her knowledge with anyone interested, through classes, advice, and articles. She has also developed a high level of fluidity in English. As a bilingual writer, I can write, edit, and translate between both English and Spanish languages.

If you need more info about Yami, you can click here and check out her website.

Your Music Review Owner