Why paying for a music review can be a good idea…

Music reviews play a fundamental role in music promotion and marketing. There are many types of music reviews in any area of ​​the music industry. This variety has to do both with the space/digital platform for socialization, and the level of professionalism which it is carried out.

The press has been historically responsible for this type of specialized work. In a habitual way, some events, concerts, and phonographic productions critics, could be found in the pages of magazines and newspapers.

These writings were made by renowned experts, say journalists, musicians, art critics, etc. The role of this style of work was to legitimize any artistic product. These opinions were decisive for the future of any artist or musical phenomenon.

Currently this activity has diversified. The digital world has facilitated the visibility of dissimilar public and individual opinions. This has allowed a proliferation of digital platforms made to socialize these types of views.

However, the legitimizing role of music reviews has not changed. Its influential vision within the music industry is maintained. ​​Though, they have added important values such as digital positioning, and everything that this includes. In addition, the standards of the experts’ professionalism have been modified. Now, anyone has the ability to publicly expose an opinion about your music product.

The media reach of a musical product on the internet has become an essential element in modern times. A high percentage of the future with any artistic career will depend on an effective digital marketing strategy.

Therefore, any space with a description or/and assessment of a musical product will have great relevance for its media reach. That´s why it is fundamental to have one or few well-prepared, and positioned reviews in cyberspace.

But, the writing is not the only thing that matters. A music review of your single, album or product helps to build your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Domain Authority. The presence of your brand name or website in search engines across the web via a link strategy connecting to other reputable websites. A very important strategy in this new digital age. This means that more people will be able to find you easier in organic Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  

Free music review?

Without a doubt, the music industry is a big business in which almost everything has a price. You may find “free” or super cheap tools and services, but there is always a price to pay. I don’t want you to think that it will make promoting your music product more difficult. Rather, the intention is to instruct you to find your own way.

There are many digital spaces through which you can receive a music review from experts or a description of your product, that reaches a wider audience. Various magazines, blogs, YouTube channels, Spotify, and Podcasts, offer the possibility to send them your music for free. Subsequently, their team of experts determines the future of your proposal. But, their free status allows them to retain their right of admission, including response times, publication, etc.

These sites, no matter what audience they have, are constantly receiving requests. That is why you must have patience and perseverance. If you are interested in using these free options, you should focus on drawing a well-developed strategy to convince these experts.

The Your Music Review team will soon be publishing an article on this topic. We will offer you a marketing strategy and proposal to get writers, bloggers, and even influencers to write about your music.

Paid music review?

paid or not paid a music review - your music review post 2

Perhaps, many people have negative criteria regarding the payment of this type of services. The music industry has the tradition to expect experts to be drawn to your music, and decide to write about it.  

This contains accurate logic to some extent, but it´s a bit purist. In addition, the remuneration of the professional or music lover who performs the work is overlooked. Although music experts who belong to high-audience or valued spaces are well paid, there are very good bloggers who practically work for the love of art.

In my opinion, this service should be paid like anything else in the music industry. We cannot continue to promote the taboo that payment guarantees a positive review of the featured product. The honesty of music professionals is the key to carrying out consistent work. The value of a music review must be understood from the sincerity and analytical level exposed by the specialist.

Despite conflicting thoughts about paying for this service, the truth is that many people in the music industry pay for these kind of services through various avenues. Artists, managers, producers, publicists, and others, constantly pay professionals for music reviews, they understand their importance as part of marketing strategies to develop an artist career. 

Like Your Music Review, there are others websites that regularly function as providers of this type of service. These sites generally offer promotional facilities such as interviews, music press releases, artist or band biographies, etc.

Another well-known way to request a review of your music product is through Submit Hub. The site works with credits that allow you to send a certain number of requests to music experts, depending on the amount of money you invest. Then, you will receive responses that vary from short recommendations to reviews or interviews published in important magazines, blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, among others.

Finally, it is necessary to mention the wide number of options offered by the freelance sector. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and others, handle an impressive number of professionals. Their offers and prices are quite varied and customizable.

Recommendations and prices

There may be many other options to get your music reviewed. The most important thing is to understand the significance of this type of content. I always recommend being clear about the service you need, and if it is affordable for your budget. Paid or not paid service, you should have a respectful relationship with the music expert. 

Regarding prices, music reviews can be really diverse in cost, but generally, they are quite cheap. The recurring price range is between $5 and $80, although it depends on the number of items, words, and features that are included in the offer.

Some factors that influence the cost are:

  • the type of musical product (single, album or EP);
  • the size of the review (both the number of words and the number of links included in the publication);
  • the level of professionalism with which it is done (if it is an appreciative work of an amateur / music lover, or is it a specialized professional);
  • the media reach of the platform or the professional (audience level of the website and social networks).

Why you should choose Your Music Review? Well, our reviews are not made by just music lovers. We are professional musicians, musicologists, researchers, copywriters, communicators, and music experts. All with a solid aspiration to help promote musicians, artists and their enterprises. We will work with a clear and precise voice in order to offer an efficient and transparent accentuation to your hard work. Our services also include intensive promotional work and strategy through social networks and popular internet platforms. All of which contributes to furthering the visibility and projection strategy of your artistic value within and beyond your desired audience.

I hope this article has been a good reference for you. Contact us if you need any other recommendations on the subject. Leave your comments below and join the conversation.


Author: Yami Cabrera

Yami is a musician and musicologist freelancer specializing in different aspects of music, teaching, criticism, writing, and research. She has a bachelor's degree in Musicology and music is her ultimate passion. Yami´s mission is to share her knowledge with anyone interested, through classes, advice, and articles. She has also developed a high level of fluidity in English. As a bilingual writer, this enthusiastic woman can write between both the English and Spanish languages.

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